Pure Praxis is a Social Theater Group
Dedicated to Cultural Change

  • 3rd Fleet Chief of Staff CMDR Beaver, Navy

    "We have had many trainings before but yours is going to stick in the minds of the Sailors because of your skill, craft, and dedication."

  • Engineman Petty Officer 1st Class Higgins, Navy

    "This live action training brings the information forward in a new way, it's definitely not death by PowerPoint.  It's much more hands-on than other trainings.  We were able to act it out and not sit passively."

  • Master Gunnery Sergeant Fields, Marines

    "It was the best training on SAPR I've ever seen."

  • Pacific Fleet Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR) Officer Captain Roy Nafarrette, Navy

    "Fantastic.  Pure Praxis is aligned with the PAC Fleet strategy for sexual assault prevention and is the basis for cultural change."

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