Pure Praxis is a Social Theater Group
Dedicated to Cultural Change

  • Sergeant First Class Ocasio, Army

    "I've gotten more out of this than I have out of any SHARP training in 20 years"

  • CPO Travis Teahon, Navy

    “The Pure Praxis presentation was awesome and rather spectacular. The theatrical recreation of scenarios was fabulous and I personally was impacted by your performance. With over 21 years of active duty service so far, I feel that this was a very proactive and engaging event. I definitely endorse this being further disseminated to the Troops throughout the Fleet.”

  • EC2 Ketcham, Navy

    “A lot of times in the Navy, we’ve got presentations by PowerPoint to all of our collective deaths. And while there have been attempts at interactive presentations, this was without a doubt the most interactive and captivating presentation. I can say that for every person in this room, this type of presentation will last through their entire career.”  

  • ET2 Gregory Frasier, Navy

    “I learned from the awesome training that our ideas can actually help and encourage people to come forward. Especially being up on stage today it was fun and a new experience and exciting to know that anyone can help and change the course of their healing process.”

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