What is Praxis?

‘Praxis’ is the act of applying, engaging and practicing ideas.  It is an action oriented activity, which is precisely what makes Pure Praxis different from any other training program on the market.


Who We Are

Pure Praxis was created out of our commitment and passion for social change. Using a team of skilled and diverse Performance Facilitators and Actor-Advocates, Pure Praxis explores topics that are both complex and sensitive in order to empower audiences to become part of the solution.


What We Do


Our Performance Education Workshops promote social change by using live, high energy, socially adaptive theater to re-create difficult real world situations so that the audiences can rehearse pro-active responses.  We provide a safe space for discussion and practice which empowers audiences to explore new, positive ways to respond to conflict and step up as active bystanders.  Whether it’s preventing violence, addressing retaliation or challenging toxic ideologies, our Founder & President Kelly Pfleider designs each program to give audience members the tools to change the outcome of future conflicts both creatively and effectively.

Despite how raw an issue may seem, we are experts at enrolling audience members to become part of the solution.  This stems from our unique style of performance work inspired by Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed methodology.  The entire performance is guided by the audiences’ participation, which makes every show unique.


Download the Pure Praxis Brochure


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